As one would expect there is a high degree of handwork involved in the making of a K.A. Roos original. All the products are manufactured in Scandinavia by craftsmen who continue to preserv the tradition of Scandinavian furniture making. Each piece of furniture is individually made, using oldfashioned techniques. Cabinets are put together through dovetail joint. You have only to pull out a drawer to appreciate the authentico irregularity of the dovetailing used in its construction. When K.A. Roos talk about “handmade” we mean it in the old-fashioned sense of word.


We are proud to still be hand-making in Scandinavia using a workforce that is a mix between experience and youthful enthusiasm. We love the fact that we are keeping these traditional handcrafting skills alive in an age of mass production and uniformity.But most of all we are proud of the quality of workmanship and beauty of finish that we can achieve with our workforce. Timbers that are used are typical Scaninavian such as : birch , beech and pine.