Our sofas gets its excellent comfort from a high quality cushion , containing a loose
Stuffing mixture with feathers and fibres. Feathers to not only provide comfort but
Also give the the cushion a long life. Fluff up the cushion now and then . In this way
It will retain its shape and volume – and you will also get a dust free cushion.

In case of a spillage on the sofa, please avoid washing or rubbing the tick, as it may
Impair its down-proof qualities. In case of an accident , please remove the cover from
The pillow and let it air dry. We recommend dry cleaning for most of the fabrics.



Wood is a natural material that can change appearance over time. In order to avoid any cracking of the material is recommended that the furniture is in the room temperature. Large fluctuations in temperature and even humidity can affect the material. Do not place furniture in direct sundlight or near an element.

Wipe off with a cloth moistened with mild detergent, not containing ammonia. Wipe dry with a cloth. Do not place hard or sharp objects that could damage the surface of your furniture